Retirement Plan.

January 6, 2018 04:48 ("Senator David Mark")
Dear Confidant,

I hope my email finds you in a good spirit this new year. I do 
not presume to know you but I strongly believe we could be of 
immense use to each other. I found your contact during my search 
for a credible person whom can help me in my quest to move some 
money away to a foreign country. This is my retirement package 
and I need someone not directly known or linked to me to help me 
with this project.

Let me introduce myself, I am Senator David Mark, the former  
Senate President of Nigeria.  I trust that you will keep 
everything I divulge to you under strict confidentiality. In the 
light of the many scams emanating from my country, I urge you to 
give me a benefit of doubt and work with me in your honest 
capacity to receive  the transfer of $12.8million into your 
custody under the guise of a valid contract payment owed to you 
by my country so that the money is transferred to you as a 
contractor and beneficiary with my country.

I have a perfect plan on how we can carry this out under 3 weeks 
if you can give me your full support and co-operation. For your 
efforts I am willing to give you 30% of the contract payment sum. 
I will be ready to discuss more on your role and procedure for 
this business when I receive your return email with your consent 
to work with me in truth and honesty. I want to assure you that 
this project is very feasible and I promise to deliver on it. I 
hope we can discuss more on this matter soon as time is very 
essential and we need to act fast. Please get back to me.