Mirror Proposal

July 15, 2017 22:30 Heiko Richter <email@heikorichter.name>
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Hi there,

After some decades of using PHP I would like to donate ressources in
form of a mirror for Switzerland. I have a private mirror running
already and would like to make it available to the public. Please let me
know if this is needed and acceptable to you.

The server is running in a professional environment and housed in a
large datacenter. Bandwith and Hardware is sized large enough to handle
the traffic comming in for official mirrors.

Here is the information requested in your mirroring howto.

	(no ccx.php.net address assigned yet)
Contact Info:
	Heiko Richter
Local Stats:
	not installed on that vhost (they run on another private vhost)
Sonser Name:
	None to be published.
	I'm just an enthusiast donating mirror ressources to
	several open source projects that are important to mee.
	(see details at ftp.heikorichter.name)

With kind regards
Heiko Richter