[7.2] Branch/Feature-freeze in six days

July 12, 2017 19:39 php@golemon.com (Sara Golemon)
For those in the cheap seats who may not be paying attention, 7.2 is moving into beta next week and along with that comes its very own GIT branch and updates to the bugfix workflow (usual merge from maintenance branches down to master).

As beta1, like all other releases will be cut on the Tuesday prior to its official Thursday release, the branch fork will take place on Tuesday the 18th as well.

I'll aim for noonish America/New_York time, but no promises, so if you're committing bugfixes please keep an eye on commit activity so that I don't have to fix your pushes. <3

Apologies for not getting this out yesterday, I'm currently winding through the Appalachian mountains in beautiful Virginia.