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February 12, 2020 19:48 ("Andre Polykanine via internals")
Hello Andreas,

> But people can now already contribute via git to the docs as – at least
Does that mean that we can skip the (inaccessible) and send pull requests on Github? Thanks! -- With best regards from Germany, Andre Skype: menelion_elensule Twitter (English only): @AndrePolykanine ------------ Original message ------------ From: Andreas Heigl <> To: Date created: , 7:31:17 AM Subject: Moving the documentation to git Hey Internals and docs-folks On Monday we finished the first important step of moving the documentation to git. Nikita created all the missing repos and Peter provided me with push access to all those repos via the phpdocbot account. I then cloned all currently active language-repos using an authors map from SVn to git and pushed the result to Now the docs are continuously fetched from SVN, converted to git and pushed to their respective repos. The english docs every 15 minutes and the translations every two hours. Currently the leading system (the Single Source Of Truth) is still SVN! But people can now already contribute via git to the docs as – at least as far as I understood – the process of pushing changes from git to SVN is more or less automated (correct me if I'm wrong here, Nikita/Peter). Now the next steps are to move the toolage from SVN to git. That means: * Switch Source Retrieval for Docs building on from to * Switch Generation of revcheck-files from svn to git (Work is already done at * Verify that everything works as expected When that is finished and accepted we can move over to the next stage: * Switch Source Retrieval for Docs building on from SVN to git * Setup Mirroring and processes to merge PRs from GitHub to documentation git. * Rewrite setup-instructions and send email to docs team regarding new process And then we can finally make SVN readonly. (and the cronjobs on need top be shut down) I've also added the ToDo list to, so that everyone can follow the process. As the next steps need access to which I currently do not have, I'd need someone to actually do those next tasks. Access – according to the wiki – have bjori, mgdm, mj, nilgun, philip, salathe, sobak, tyrael and yannick. I'd be very happy if one of you could ping me so that we can check the next steps. Thank you all for the support during the last weeks. Cheers Andreas Am 04.02.20 um 08:09 schrieb Andreas Heigl:
> Hey folks. > > During the last year I took a bit of time aside to bring the > documentation from SVN to git. And about a month ago I informed the > DOCs-Mailinglist about the current status and the fact that we are ready > to move to the next step[1]. Now some tasks need to be done by people > with appropriate karma to be able to get on with the whole thing, but > all the background tasks are done and awaiting further processing. > > Sadly there was no response so far. Neither on the email as such nor on > the different tasks. > > So the main question is now, how the PHP-Project wants to go on with > moving the documentation from SVN to git? Is there any interest in > continuing this project? And if so, who can either take on the necessary > steps or provide us with the appropriate credentials and access rights > that we can do them ourselves? > > Thanks for reading and looking forward to the results. > > Cheers > > Andreas > > [] >
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