Re: [PHP-DEV] Re: [RFC] [VOTE] Random Extension 5.x

June 17, 2022 12:37 (Go Kudo)
2022年6月16日(木) 19:56 Guilliam Xavier>:

> Hi, > > > > > Thanks; some editorial remarks: > > - I think "Engine is not final" should rather be "Engine > implementations are not final", and similarly in the text: "Even if > the native class is made final" to "Even if the native classes are > made final", "and the native implementation of the class should be > marked as final" to "and the native implementations of the interface > should be marked as final" > - The sentence "The engine already provides an interface with only a > generate(): string method called Random\Engine." sounds weird, maybe > rather "The extension already provides a Random\Engine interface with > a single generate(): string method."? > - "Proposal" is a subsection inside "Introduction", it should rather > be a root section (at the same level as "Backward Incompatible > Changes") > - What would be the signature of Randomizer::pickKey()? (whatever > the naming, important is parameters and return types) -- I guess the > same as existing array_rand(), but better be explicit > > Regards, > > -- > Guilliam Xavier >
Hi Xavier. Thanks very much for the detailed point of view. I am very ashamed of my poor English. Maximum thanks! I have corrected all the points you pointed out. Regards Go Kudo