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November 15, 2021 20:39 (Chase Peeler)
On Mon, Nov 15, 2021 at 3:11 PM Deleu <> wrote:

> By design my REST API utilizes dynamic properties. I've always found it to >> be a feature of PHP, not a bug. >> >> -- >> Chase Peeler >> >> > > I am in the unfortunate position of inheriting a system with such REST API > design. I can never build new REST APIs to replace the old ones because > nobody can ever know how many combinations of possible input parameters > there are. > > Our inputs and outputs are both well defined. I've built a framework around
our entities that convert them into API payloads - attributes (symfony, but eventually we might update it to use native attributes) define what fields are visible based on user and whether it's the short (e.g. part of a collection) or full version. The thing is that occasionally we'll have a payload to return that requires additional attributes. Dynamic properties allow us to just tack that on to the existing entity without having to define it as a property on the entity (outside of the one use case the property isn't needed and it definitely doesn't correspond to a database column).
> -- > Marco Aurélio Deleu >
-- Chase Peeler