Re: [PHP-DEV] Guidelines for RFC post feature-freeze

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August 25, 2021 20:25 (Ben Ramsey)
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Deleu wrote on 8/24/21 13:53:
> The proposal is rooted in making it easier for release managers and rfc=
> authors to refine code changes that may or may not be necessary to > accomplish a previously approved RFC.
I don't understand how this proposal helps with this. If changes are necessary to accomplish a previously approved RFC, that means the RFC isn't fully implemented, so there are bugs, and bugs should be addressed using the normal bugfix process. They shouldn't require another RFC. If a change requires another RFC, that means something is being proposed that changes the behavior of a previous RFC (or adds to it). This is a new feature. Cheers, Ben --Bgaj2jMknlsgBkdbOWxPM1zUsba5Nsnor--