Re: [PHP-DEV] Guidelines for RFC post feature-freeze

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August 25, 2021 18:51 (Ben Ramsey)
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Sara Golemon wrote on 8/24/21 14:29:
> Agreed, and I would say that we DO have a policy. The policy is that t= he
> RMs make a judgement call in the moment. I still think the attributes > syntax was appropriate to make an exception for (given it was a new fea= ture
> and this would be our last chance to refine the syntax), as was the > nullable intersections case (the additional change to the engine was > trivial, while providing notable benefit). So I would say we don't nee= d a
> strong policy saying "exceptions in these cases only".
Agreed. We already have a policy for this, and the RMs are empowered to make these decisions now. This RFC doesn't define anything new.
> However, I'm all for some definitions of best practices and considerati= ons
> to take into account to make the decision making process more predictab= le
> and less arbitrary.
I would be in favor of an "informational" RFC rather than a "policy" RFC. An informational RFC can define terms, such as "refinement RFC" and "feature freeze," without burdening the project with more policy overhead= =2E Cheers, Ben --OW50KTwN1QgL43wDSFzT6S1z2YZl2Fqvj--