Re: [PHP-DEV] [RFC] Deprecate dynamic properties

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August 25, 2021 11:28 (Ayesh Karunaratne)
> > Hi internals, > > I'd like to propose the deprecation of "dynamic properties", that is > properties that have not been declared in the class (stdClass and > __get/__set excluded, of course): > > > > This has been discussed in various forms in the past, e.g. in > as a class modifier and > / > > as a declare directive. > > This RFC takes the more direct route of deprecating this functionality > entirely. I expect that this will have relatively little impact on modern > code (e.g. in Symfony I could fix the vast majority of deprecation warnings > with a three-line diff), but may have a big impact on legacy code that > doesn't declare properties at all. > > Regards, > Nikita
Hi Nikita, Thanks for opening this, I'm very supportive of this. Having some Drupal and other legacy background, I'm afraid this could disrupt a lot of Drupal applications, which uses dynamic properties quite extensively in its Entity APIs, Views, etc. I totally agree that it is a bad practice, but that's what half a million or so Drupal 7 web sites do. Perhaps, we can make it an easy to opt-in with a keyword (`locked class Foo {}`) or an interface (`Foo implements LockedClass {}`), or provide an easy opt-out (similar to the tentative return type attribute)? Thank you, Ayesh.