Re: [PHP-DEV] Refactor

June 8, 2021 14:02 (Kalle Sommer Nielsen)
Den man. 7. jun. 2021 kl. 13.52 skrev Mail <>:
> > Oh yes; it is; > > Mathew from Laminas has also held managerial position in Zend. > Thats the one who banned me ( on Laminas forum ) when I asked about the comments section refering to Zend in every file. > > If you want to cut ties with Zend alltogether,first thing to do is to remove every person that have been involved with Zend. Once done, start afresh. > > Pozdrawiam, > Wojciech Lisik
Well since you kind of figured out the response was not serious, then I am certain that if you look closer at the code you will find that we naturally are not using Zend Framework as it is a piece of software written in PHP but Zend Engine is written in C. One being a framework for writing websites, the other one being a highly advanced scripting engine. I will save you the need to Google what the differences is here by supplying you with some relevant links: So to iterate and reply to your email in a serious manner; No, we have no intention to refactor out the Zend Engine. It has been maintained by The PHP Project for two decades and while it was originally developed by Zend, it was graciously donated to The PHP Project and The PHP Project decides the future development of it. In layman terms that means that Zend has more decision making power over any individual contributor. It is however true that some companies, like Zend, does sponsor developers to work part time at The PHP Project but that does not grant them any special decision making rights -- those are still subject to the democracy and guidelines as defined by The PHP Project. At the same time I would like to point you to the list of mailing list rules: Especially the part about respective behavior and not making a fool of yourself in public; none of your initial mail was informative nor respectful to anyone maintaining PHP, which seems to be based on a wrong understanding to begin with (which is only natural, we are only humans after all), but do think an extra time before you post a rant like that in the future, it does not belong on internals. Twitter is a much better medium for such. I'm certain that exhitibing the same behavior as defined in our mailing lists rules, will also get you a long way on other platforms, like the Laminas forum which you mentioned. ps, I have CC'd internals, so this reply may serve as a future reference; should this ever be the case again. -- regards, Kalle Sommer Nielsen