Re: [PHP-DEV] A little syntactic sugar on array_* function calls?

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May 28, 2021 19:00 (Mark Randall)
On 28/05/2021 15:31, Nikita Popov wrote:
> This is a more complex case. In this case the compiler doesn't know in > advance whether the argument is passed by value or by reference. What > happens here is:
I'm trying to wrap my head around this, but if a function arg can handle this, does something internal to the engine preclude fetching in write context, after already fetching in read context, other than performance? So can the initial fetch be performed with FETCH_DIM_R, handling the object case + any other scalars, and if and only if the value is an array and operating on what would traditionally be a by-ref, repeating the previous lookup with FETCH_DIM_W? Mark Randall