Re: [PHP-DEV] [RFC] Global functions any() and all() on iterables

September 1, 2020 23:42 (tyson andre)
Hi Mark Randall,

> Try as we might 4 of us working together couldn't get namespaces > accepted. I got the feeling that there seems to be an opposition to them > on principle, rather than the merits or drawbacks of the RFCs. > > Various libraries do use statics for this: > > Iterators::all()
My objection to static methods in any "collection of functions" proposal is that it becomes impossible to polyfill it. If php 8.1 were to add Iterators::all(), and php 8.2 were to add Iterators::none(), polyfills would not be able to add `Iterators::none()` to php 8.1 with available functionality (aside: technically, there's componere, uopz and runkit7, but I don't think anyone here would recommend basing a efficient and stable polyfill strategy on installing and enabling those) For namespaces, it seemed good in principle if writing php from scratch, but seemed like we'd be in an awkward position where standard extensions had a mix of global and namespaced functions for a while, and it'd take away time from developers and documentation team members to work on the migration to namespaces and updating tests of php-src and PECLs, and people may postpone migrating to 9.0 or 10.0 because of unanalyzable code using removed legacy names - Tyson