Re: [PHP-DEV] Re: HTTP/1.1 by default in PHP 8.0

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July 28, 2020 16:45 (Sara Golemon)
On Tue, Jul 28, 2020 at 3:52 AM Rowan Tommins>

> The risk of advertising 1.0 by default is that some software will have been > programmed to outright refuse that protocol version. I don't know of any > recent examples, but this bug report from 2007 was for a SOAP endpoint that > returned 505 Version Not Supported: > Notably, Dmitry's patch for that bug made sure the protocol context option > is honoured by ext/soap, but also specifically defaulted it to HTTP/1.1 as > of PHP 5.3. > > The risk of advertising 1.1 by default is that some software will respond > with a more complex response, and trigger some bug in our response parsing. > This was previously the case with detecting "Transfer-Encoding: chunked" > headers, for instance. By advertising 1.0, we may be benefitting from > servers "downgrading" their response. > > In practice, a large amount of software appears to do neither, and simply > replies with an HTTP/1.1 response to a HTTP/1.0 request. This is why I talk > about "advertising" versions - in practice, the code is always acting as an > HTTP/1.1 client, e.g. sending "Connection: Close", and listening for > Transfer-Encoding, because it's increasingly rare for a server to actually > honour the 1.0 spec. > > The "servers have a bad habit of ignoring this anyway" argument is probably true, but it sort of takes the wind out of BOTH of the other two
points. :) I'm not going to object to merging it, the worst case scenario is that a few app developers will learn the protocol version option exists and have to set "1.0" manually. Even that is a low probability. Probably better in the long-term to inch our way forward and advertise a protocol that was introduced... checks notes... 21 years ago. -Sara