PHP Bug #79714

June 25, 2020 11:17 (Henrik Skov)
Hi !

I recently submitted this bug:

I am writing to the list in the hope that I can find someone willing to 
look into it. I might be willing to pay money in order to get this bug 

For a detailed description of the bug, please see the link above.

I have spent a couple of nights trying to solve the problem myself - 
However, my knowledge of the ZendEngine is very limited so the effort 
has been to no avail thus far.

Could anyone please look into this bug - or maybe just give me some 
pointers on how to proceed ?
I would be willing to help in any way possible.

Thus far, the problem seems to be "conflicting" zend_persistent_script 
*bcgen_compile_file(zend_file_handle *file_handle, int type) in


zend_op_array *phar_compile_file(zend_file_handle *file_handle, inttype) 
in /ext/phar/phar.c 

but for details - please see the bug.

Thanks in advance !

Best regards,

Henrik Skov
Secuno A/S