Re: [PHP-DEV] HTTP/1.1 by default in PHP 8.0

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May 24, 2020 15:05 (Rowan Tommins)
On 23/05/2020 08:08, Davey Shafik wrote:
> This is ridiculously timely as I've been spending my evening working > on HTTP/2 stuff in PHP. > [...] > I believe that HTTP/2 has the potential to dramatically change how we > serve content on the web, and PHP should jump on the bandwagon.
Hi Davey, I'm glad someone's working on this, because PHP should definitely be trying to keep up with such things. My only hesitation is that other than as a proof-of-concept, just allowing 'protocol_version'=>2 as a stream option isn't going to bring much advantage, because it doesn't give access to any of the interesting new features - it's still a single, one-way, synchronous request. Given it's always been a web programming language, PHP has surprisingly poor native support for HTTP. On the server side, we have the SAPI layer, which delegates most of the protocol to external applications in generally CGI-type ways. On the client side, we have the very minimal stream wrapper (which doesn't even support pipelining with Connection:Keep-Alive), or some painfully low-level bindings around libcurl. To really make use of HTTP/2, I would imagine both would need quite significant re-thinks: On the server side, can the SAPI and FastCGI definitions be extended, or do they need to be replaced, as Python defined ASGI [1] to replace WSGI? On the client side, should there be a better built-in HTTP client, whether based on libcurl or lower-level pieces like nghttp; or do we keep it low-level and expose nghttp2 itself in some way? [1] Regards, -- Rowan Tommins (né Collins) [IMSoP]