Re: [PHP-DEV] Re: [RFC][VOTE] PHP Namespace in core

May 22, 2020 18:32 (Rowan Tommins)
On 22/05/2020 18:30, Mark Randall wrote:
> Should this vote fail, \PHP effectively changes from a reserved > namespace, to a dead namespace.
I don't see how you get from the text of this RFC to that conclusion. There are a number of reasons why people who vote against this RFC might vote for an alternative, such as: * They would prefer *more* classes to be in \PHP * They would prefer fewer classes, but not none * They would prefer a similar number of classes, but a different definition * They would prefer a guideline with "should" or "may" rather than "must" * They like the definition, but would prefer a plan to rename existing classes that meet it, for consistency (I don't have a vote, but I might well vote No on this basis) * They would prefer a concrete proposal on how to structure the namespace, which this RFC explicitly is not * They might even prefer your RFC, which is still marked "Under Discussion": It is possible that "officially declare that we won't use the \PHP namespace" would get a majority, but that's not what this vote asks. Regards, -- Rowan Tommins (né Collins) [IMSoP]