Re: [PHP-DEV] HTTP/1.1 by default in PHP 8.0

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May 22, 2020 09:55 (Eliot Lear)
[2nd try, this time with proper etiquette]

Hi Rowan and Larry and others,

On 21.05.20 23:53, Rowan Tommins wrote:
> > I would like to propose that the client advertises HTTP/1.1 in its > requests by default in PHP 8.0.  Users can opt out of this behaviour > in a fully backwards- and forwards-compatible way if necessary using a > stream context option, e.g.: > > > > What are people's opinions? Does this need an RFC, or should I just > submit a PR if nobody objects? >
To me the only question is whether you want HTTP1.1 or 2 to be the default.  version 2 is a bit more complex, to be sure, but quite powerful in avoiding blocking. Eliot