Re: [PHP-DEV] Draft RFC callable types + callable type/function autoloading

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May 21, 2020 09:09 (Stephen Reay)
> On 20 May 2020, at 20:07, Dan Ackroyd <> wrote: > > Hi internals, > > A while ago, I spent some time thinking about callables, and how they > are not very consistent, which makes people sad: > > > The reason I didn't pursue that RFC is that although tidying up PHP > core to be more consistent would be nice, it would be a large amount > of work, that wouldn't dramatically improve the developer experience > when programming in PHP. In fact it would mostly just break otherwise > working code. > > What would be better would be an RFC to make callables be more useful, > specifically by allowing you to define the parameter and return types > for them. Making it possible to autoload those types would be > required, and function autoloading is also a feature that has been > desired for a while. > > So here are two draft RFCs: > > Callable types > > > Function + callable type autoloading > > > I'll leave them on github for the moment, as it is easier to do PRs > and track issues there but I wanted to gather initial feedback before > getting closer to the RFC cutoff date. > > I'll move them to the wiki and formally submit them for discussion > when the implementation is closer to being done. > > cheers > Dan > Ack > > -- > PHP Internals - PHP Runtime Development Mailing List > To unsubscribe, visit: >
Hi Dan, From a userland perspective I like both of these, a lot. I have a question though, and i wasn’t sure if you’d rather discuss particular points here on in a GH issue. Would the changes to spl_autoload_* impact on the built in autoload implementation, spl_autoload? Cheers Stephen