Re: [PHP-DEV] Draft RFC callable types + callable type/functionautoloading

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May 21, 2020 01:54 (tyson andre)
Hi Dan Ackroyd,

> I'd be happy to see function autoloading support in php overall. > It'd help in avoiding loading unnecessary polyfills, > or in large codebases with many global functions that are only occasionally used.
I forgot, but I'd also started the thread  ("Autoloading functions/consts without a performance impact") 5 months ago, and got sidetracked looking into ways to reduce ambiguity in calls to functions. It might have been a better idea for me to start a straw poll instead of that, but I didn't know how representative initial feedback was, and I'm no longer working on autoloading. Some of the messages might be relevant for the "Discussions" section of an RFC. Thanks, - Tyson