Re: [PHP-DEV] Capturing reasons for votes for historical sake?

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March 19, 2020 15:20 (Mark Randall)
On 19/03/2020 14:25, Kalle Sommer Nielsen wrote:
> Why are we only attempting to harvest the negative thoughts (with the > word negative chosen carefully here as voting "No" is seemingly an > offense to some), why do we not also record why a feature was voted > in?
Well a significant part of the purpose of the RFC is to make the case for why it *should* be done, and the benefits in doing so, and only to bring it to vote once the negatives have either been resolved, or are just down to personal preference. To vote yes is to state your overall agreement with the arguments made in the RFC. If you've read up and want to vote "no", I think that is perfectly fine and should be fully encouraged, but do the decent thing for your fellow developers and explain why so they're not left trying to guess. Ultimately, how can an RFC ever be improved to be more widely acceptable if the people voting in the negative don't give feedback?