Re: [PHP-DEV] Re: Straw poll: Places to allow function calls inconstant expressions

February 17, 2020 03:00 (tyson andre)
> > I've created a straw poll at , > > to measure interest in allowing calls in different types of constant expressions. > > I've yet to make my mind up for most circumstances, although I'm leaning towards a general "No".
> > What I can't express on this strawpoll though, is that I would > unequivocally vote against "any function or method call" in all > circumstances.
Thanks for the feedback. When reading the poll results, I was planning to interpret both "whitelist of function calls" and "no" as a plan for a "no" vote on any RFC I would write that did allow "any function or method call", in the absence of any response otherwise. You definitely have a point that it doesn't include complicated reasons such as "yes on whitelist, less preferably yes on any function/method", or "yes on any function, definitely no on a whitelist". But I felt like adding too many voting polls or options would discourage responding to a request for quick feedback, and that any more detailed feedback such as this or implementation details could be included in this email thread. - Tyson.