Re: [RFC] Userspace operator overloading

February 16, 2020 12:49
On 16/02/2020 01:17, wrote:
> Noooo :( Notices are the enemy of all that is great and good. > > If operator overloading is going to become a first-class feature then it > should be treated as such, and attempting overloading operators on > objects that don't have the relevant method available should trigger an > Error.
I agree with that throwing an error would be the better approach. But that would be a breaking change, as it would break existing code. Something like this is valid code in the moment: $a = new ClassA(); $b = $a + 1; Currently a only a notice (Object of class ClassA could not be converted to int) is triggered, and the object is handled like a numeric 1. ($b have the value 2). I have no clue, how big the impact of changing this to an error would be, so my current implementation just triggers an NOTICE. In this RFC, it was decided to remain the NOTICE behavior for casting an object to an int. If it is decided to reclassify the usage of operators on objects (without overloaded behavior) to thrown an Error, this would be totally fine for me, but we should discuss this. Greetings, Jan Böhmer