Re: [PHP-DEV] RFC: Server-Side Request and Response Objects (v2)

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February 12, 2020 19:44 (Paul M . Jones)
Hi Jan,

> I like this proposal a lot, since it provides a clear, concise interface to these commonly uses, yet inconveniant to use, existing functions and variables without having to always use a full-featured userland library.
Glad to hear the RFC is hitting the right notes!
> Speaking of interfaces: since you suggest using decoration and composition over extension for ServerResponse, I am missing a ServerResponseInterface, so that you can easily typehint such userland decorators.
I am not opposed to a ServerResponseInterface, if John Boehr is not -- though at the same time, I am wary of expanding the number of new declarations too much. -- Paul M. Jones Modernizing Legacy Applications in PHP Solving the N+1 Problem in PHP