PHP 7.5

February 6, 2020 14:52 (Dik Takken)
Hi all,

Occasionally a change for PHP 8 is suggested and rejected because of it
being too disruptive compared to PHP 7.4. This is unfortunate because it
means we succeed less in seizing the opportunity to get language
improvements into the 8.x series.

In a recent thread about fixing a problem related to optional / required
parameters Gert ( suggested a PHP 7.5 release for
deprecations only. I like this idea as it gives us a viable migration
path for changes that currently cannot be done in 8.0.

The 7.5 release could be published when PHP 8 enters feature freeze.
Until then, deprecations warnings and notices can be accumulated in 7.5
as part of the PHP 8 development process. RFCs that target PHP 8 can
include changes to 7.5 to sketch a viable migration path.


Dik Takken