Re: [PHP-DEV] Using PECL without installing PEAR

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November 13, 2019 17:21 (Ben Ramsey)
> On Nov 13, 2019, at 10:43, Matthieu Napoli <> wrote: > > Hi all, > > Following a discussion with Nikita, I understood that [installing PEAR with PHP is deprecated]( <>). > However, installing PEAR is necessary for PECL to work (it uses PEAR). > > I started having a look at what could be done to use PECL without PEAR. This lead me to the following question: as a first step, would it make sense to provide PECL as a self-contained PHAR? > That way users can download the PHAR and avoid install PEAR. Following that we can have a look at trimming the PECL package, but the PHAR would be a first step. > > Thanks > > Matthieu
What’s the status of the pickle installer? It doesn’t look like it’s been touched since 2017. I thought that was a promising project. Did it work well? Were there problems? Cheers, Ben