Re: [PHP-DEV] [RFC] Deprecate Backtick Operator (V2)

October 8, 2019 18:16 (=?UTF-8?Q?Bj=c3=b6rn_Larsson?=)
Den 2019-10-04 kl. 17:45, skrev Mark Randall:
> Hi Internals, > > I put forward the following RFC "Deprecate Backtick Operator (V2)" for > discussion. > > > > I believe it is at least worth a discussion as to the pros and cons of > deprecating this functionality, especially in light of the existence > of better described and more well-known functions exhibiting identical > behaviour. > > This RFC only covers the issuing a deprecation notice, and its > complete removal would be contained within a separate RFC. > > -- > Mark Randall > Hi,
I would like to bring up a point that is not unique to this RFC, but more to deprecations in general. For PHP 7.0 the migration at least for my company was pretty smooth, but it was greatly helped by PHP 5.6 having extended support. The thing was that we went from PHP 5.2 -> 5.6 -> 7.0. Now for PHP 7.4 there was an earlier discussion this year I think to have extended support, but it never materialised. So I believe that one should weigh in that as it currently stands PHP 7.4 don't have extended support, meaning it should be an even better case to approve deprecations RFC's for 8.0. Regards //Björn L