Re: [PHP-DEV] Re: [RFC] DOM Living Standard API

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September 17, 2019 22:12 (Benjamin Eberlei)
On Mon, Sep 16, 2019 at 10:01 AM Peter Bowyer <>

> Hi Benjamin, > > I like the proposal. > > On Mon, 16 Sep 2019 at 01:40, Benjamin Eberlei <> > wrote: > >> I am asking about feedback especially on the section "Implementation >> Details", that explains some key differences to "PHPify" the DOM Living >> Standard API to PHP and ext/dom. Do you have any comments about the >> reasonability of the choices? >> > > I don't have feedback, other than to ask what choices other languages have > made when bringing in the DOM Living Standard API? >
good question! the only other non javascript languages that have ext/dom equivalents (i found) are java and python and both haven't changed their APIs to the new living standard yet.
> > >> Also the section on "Not adopting Nodes for now" is new and I need some >> feedback on this issue: To keep the proposal slim with respect to changing >> existing behavior, the improved behavior of the DOM Living Standard over >> Level 1-2 tof automatically adopting nodes instead of throwing a WRONG >> DOCUMENT DOMexception is not considered for now. Do you think this is a >> reasonable approach to go forward with? >> > > If I understand correctly, the issue is the behaviour of a method has > changed significantly. >
No, actually it behaves mostly the same. It only added a new use case that previously lead to an exception, when you appendChild a node from a different document. Since this is not really a line of code that happens dynamically, this code will not be in the wild, instead you will find the workaround $element->appendChild($element->ownerDocument->importNode($otherNode)); which will not be affected by the new behvavior at all.
> > If not implemented in PHP 8, where BC breaks are expected, when would be a > better time? >
This is no BC break in my opinion. Changing an exception that essentially says "don't do this, you connected the wrong things" into the behavior that people would expect anyways is not a BC break in my opinion and therefore could be done at any time.
> > Would deviating and implementing the new behaviour with a different method > name e.g. appendAndAdoptChild(); or guarded by a version flag (so users > choose whether they want the 'Living' behaviour or the 'Level 2' behaviour > in this method) be options? > > Peter >