Re: [PHP-DEV] Build instructions for Ubuntu 18.04 (and other systems)

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September 15, 2019 22:00 (Aegir Leet)
Not super familiar with building PHP, but this should be a reasonable
starting point, tested on a fresh install of Ubuntu 18.04.3:

apt install -y autoconf gcc bison re2c libxml2-dev libssl-dev
libsqlite3-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev libpng-dev libwebp-dev libjpeg-dev
vflib3-dev libc-client-dev libkrb5-dev libonig-dev libreadline-dev
libsodium-dev libargon2-0-dev libzip-dev ./buildconf ./configure
--enable-fpm --with-openssl --with-kerberos --with-imap-ssl
--with-pcre-jit --with-zlib --enable-bcmath --with-curl --enable-exif
--enable-ftp --enable-gd --with-webp --with-jpeg --with-freetype
--with-gettext --with-imap --enable-intl --enable-mbstring --with-mysqli
--enable-pcntl --with-pdo-mysql --with-readline --enable-sockets
--with-sodium --with-password-argon2 --with-zip --enable-zts

On 15.09.2019 20:49, Nikita Popov wrote:
> Hi, > > Our build instructions in > are currently a bit > bare... they show the basic "./buildconf && ./configure && make" cycle, but > everyone who actually tries this will quickly find out that there is a lot > more to building PHP... > > Every time I compile PHP on a new system, I have to go through a pretty > long cycle of ./configure --xxx, wait until there is an error, "sudo apt > install libxxx-dev" and so on. > > It would be great if someone could write up the required "apt get" and > "./configure" line to get a "reasonably large" build of PHP on a popular > Linux distro like Ubuntu 18.04, so this can be included in the README. > Something similar for MacOS would probably also be useful, where things are > even more complicated. > > Bonus points for also including how to set up MySQL and Postgres in a way > that you can run mysqli/pdo_mysql and pgsql/pdo_pgsql tests. I think I lose > a couple of hours every time I try to get this working. > > Anyone interested in doing this? > > Regards, > Nikita >