Re: [PHP-DEV] Build instructions for Ubuntu 18.04 (and other systems)

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September 15, 2019 21:21 (Dik Takken)
On 15-09-19 22:53, Gabriel Caruso wrote:
> > > The main problem with Docker and php-src is that we need to touch the OS in > order to make sure the new features and bugfixes will be compatible. > > Docker create a layer on top of that, right? >
Correct. Honestly I was not considering the use case of testing interactions with OS-specific features as one might do using a CI/CD setup. Providing instructions that will work for every supported target environment is not an easy thing to do. I was thinking about the use case of local development where the developer needs to build the sources on whatever OS he / she happens to be using. Then, Docker makes much more sense as it provides a single consistent environment that will work the same way for anyone.