Re: [PHP-DEV] Build instructions for Ubuntu 18.04 (and other systems)

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September 15, 2019 21:12 (Stanislav Malyshev)

> May I suggest to provide instructions to build using Docker? This has a > number of advantages: > > * Same instructions will work on Linux, MacOS and Windows > * No need to install build dependencies on your host > * Spin up a MySQL container by running 'docker run mysql:version'
This is certainly a good idea to have Docker build instructions as an option, but would not be good as the only or primary option. There are lots of situations where installing the whole docket setup on a host is either hard or an overkill for just building PHP. But as an option it's good.
> I took this route a while ago when I needed to setup a dev environment > and it works nicely. I could do a write-up of this route if desired.
I think having good docker-based build instructions would certainly be appreciated.
> Part of the instructions could be cast into a Docker image that can be > published on Github and Docker Hub. This image could even have the > command to run the tests baked into the image itself. Then, anyone can > just run > > docker run php-tests:7.4 > > to build the sources and run the tests. For development you can mount > your local git clone in the container.
Sounds like a nice idea. -- Stas Malyshev