Re: [PHP-DEV] [RFC] Reclassifying engine warnings

August 28, 2019 19:40 (Stanislav Malyshev)

> Don't build your business on a foundation of eggshells and then complain > when something comes along that makes those eggshells crumble.
I think PHP has historically been much less "bondage and discipline" language, strictly enforcing a particular programming paradigm, than others (e.g. Java). I consider it a good thing. Scratch that, I consider it an excellent thing, responsible for the significant part of why PHP became so popular. I understand that some people like PHP to be much more B&D and enforce strictly whatever they consider (often entirely justified) the right way to do things. I don't think it's a place of a generic language to do that. We have IDEs, we have analyzers, we have other tools that allow to enforce things. For example, I don't think I had a "variable name typo" error in live code for years - because IDEs and tests catch those early. Do I need language to help me with that? Not really, I'm covered already. Do I want the language become more rigid and my quick-n-dirty PHP code snippets that I write almost every day become harder to write because I need to jump over the hoops that eventually will help "foundation of my business" built on that screen scraping script I've whipped up on a lunch break? Not at the least. Now, I recognize it's a valid position to want more strictness, especially if most of the code you deal with is "foundation of your business" type. I would just like to remind it's not the only position and that there's good in PHP being not as strict as, say, Java (I am not saying this proposal would make it that, but it's certainly looks like a step in that direction). -- Stas Malyshev