Re: [PHP-DEV] [RFC] [VOTE] Deprecate PHP's short open tags, again

August 8, 2019 16:21 (Arvids Godjuks)
чт, 8 авг. 2019 г. в 17:57, Peter Bowyer <>:

> > > On Thu, 8 Aug 2019 at 16:18, Arvids Godjuks> > wrote: > >> I really liked how language picked up the cleanup pace in the last few >> years and it needs it. I finally see genuine interest in people to >> actually >> either come back or pick it up instead of JavaScript (NodeJS) and other >> fancy new shiny stuff. And a lot of it is because of the cleanup efforts >> and WTF?! removal, the language having the option to be stricter >> > > Are you sure assigning this interest to cleanup efforts is not a > correlation without causation? > > Other reasons interest in PHP can be growing: > 1. We've got better libraries, frameworks and tooling in userland PHP than > we used to have. > 2. The hype cycle is wearing off NodeJS > 3. people are slowly letting go of their outdated memories of what writing > PHP / PHP code written by inexperienced programmers was like > > Peter >
Everything is a contributor obviously, but in my personal experience the one that really makes waves is when I tell people about "strict_types" and "type hints". That really shocks people and make them look at 7.1+ with a completely different attitude. I mean I'm not claiming this is statistically sound data of a wide slice of PHP users, but I do know quite a lot of somewhat closeted PHP developers who do not show any public activity and just silently consume PHP and I'm reluctantly playing the role of news gateway on what's new in PHP world. I encouraged a few for years to move to better companies cause they were stuck in a dead-end and just did not knew what is out there. No amount of keeping the BC would make migrations to new versions in those environments an easy task - stuff always broke, always in production, because devs had no say or sometimes even did not know they are upgrading after the fact. This is why I do not like excessive keeping of BC - there will always going to be users like that, even major users, whom you do not suspect, but it is a cl***k behind the scenes and that user can do 9-10 digit turnover a year. Proper announcements, proper depreciation period, documentation update and strong upgrade node message should cover everyone who is ready to listen and understand. There are multiple tools to do short tag to long tar conversion in bulk. I thought it was agreed years ago that runtime switches that affect engine behaviour in a major way were bad and should be eventually removed. And portable code version is using ` Skype: psihius Telegram: @psihius