RFCs and voting - feature requests + an oddity

August 7, 2019 02:07 thruska@cubiclesoft.com (Thomas Hruska)
While we are on the topic of RFCs and voting, I'd like to see the option 
to directly download the votes to a CSV file with real names and each 
user's karma list.

If the above feature is deemed a good idea, there's also a corollary 
feature:  It would also be useful to be able to download all votes 
across all RFCs (e.g. a gzip/ZIP file that's updated after each RFC 
closes).  Some people might be interested in running historical analysis 
of voting patterns to look for data outliers.

By the way, on RFC voting pages, I've noticed the "Real name" column 
appears as "username (username)".  Is that intentional, some kind of 
software limitation, or a bug?

Thomas Hruska
CubicleSoft President

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