Re: [PHP-DEV] Re: hebrevc() and other 'contentious' 7.4 proposeddeprecations

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July 23, 2019 05:44 (Stanislav Malyshev)

> The reality is that right now, the PHP project somehow became > deprecation-oriented, and lost its long established guideline of bias for > downwards compatibility.
Hear, hear! I am positively astonished at so many RFCs trying to deprecate so many functions in PHP. Who does it help? Who did those functions hurt? I understand when we're deprecating something that does not work or has too many broken uses to use it right, etc. Sometimes we recognize we made a mistake and have to get rid of it (magic quotes!). But doing it just to "reduce the size of standard library" looks to me completely contrary to what PHP has always been about - going extra mile to make it easier for the user, even at the cost of redundancy. We're not one of those slick code golf languages where you can write witty one-liners that do something you won't remember next morning. We aim for people that actually do work with the language. Which means, we provide them with tools handy for various tasks, and we are very conservative in breaking their code - only as the last resort. So I must say I'm rather disappointed with the zeal people are voting for removing functions that hurt nobody. -- Stas Malyshev