Re: [PHP-DEV] [RFC][VOTE] Deprecate curly brace syntax for accessing array elements and string offsets

July 5, 2019 08:40 ("Andrew Gromov")
> > > Thanks for taking the time to push forward this RFC. > > >
> > > I found the earlier discussion at, > > > which I hadn't seen. Like others, I would have chosen to keep {} for > > > string offsets to make it clearer, though I have not used {} in my > > > code for a decade. Was any consideration given to a split vote, > > > voting on the array and string deprecations separately? > > > > > > For others interested, the history of this deprecation going back to > > > 2005 is found at > > > > I have the same question regarding split vote. In my eyes the > > array case is a no-brainer, but for string access maybe not... > > Good question. I did consider whether it would make sense to only > deprecate curly brace offset access for arrays and not strings. The > problem with this is that it wouldn't solve the issue of confusion > outlined in the RFC. Syntax (and depreciation) checks on compile time.It's make impossible to separate arrays and strings because of PHP nature. > > Would it be possible to compare the string access only for both > > curly & straight braces and the same for array access? > I updated my script to list all the unique variable names referenced > in the output of Nikita's analysis of the top 2k Composer packages:> > The most frequent variable name is `$string`, and from numerous other > variable names it does seem that the majority of curly brace usages > are on strings (other frequent variable names include `$code`, > `$Bytestring`, `$chrs`, `$text`, `$str`, `$numberstring`, and many > similar examples). I also dug into the repositories for a bunch of > the packages, and most of the curly braces uses appear to be in older > code without any type declarations (which may explain why so many > variable names include a type). Also:'phpoffice/phpexcel' => 219, abandoned '' => 74, abandoned 'yiisoft/yii' => 64, deprecated, only security fixes'zendframework/zendframework1' => 37, abandoned'dflydev/markdown' => 22, abandoned 'picqer/php-barcode-generator' => 63, inherits code from 'tecnickcom/tcpdf' 'milon/barcode' => 89, inherits code from 'tecnickcom/tcpdf''lukasreschke/id3parser' => 78, inherits code from 'james-heinrich/getid3'etc. Inherited code in general means that it is not author decision but only copy paste.