Re: [PHP-DEV] Memory leak in eval()'d code

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June 29, 2019 22:19 (Benjamin Morel)
> > What is the "non scaled case"? To repeat what I said earlier: Without eval > there is no and will not be a leak. > The bug is that eval() currently reuses an existing class instead of > creating a new one each time. Calling get_class(eval("return new class > {};")) should be returning a new string every time, while for OPs script it > currently does not. > tl;dr: > while (1) { > get_class(new class {}); // should always return the same > get_class(eval("return new class {};")); // should always return > different, currently may return same due to bug > }
Ok thank you, anyway the good news is that I found a workaround for now (creating classes of a given type once then cloning). And if I understand correctly, once the issue you mention is resolved (and get_class() returns a distinct class every time), I should have another alternative: ``` $object = eval('return new class (...) {};'); $class = get_class($object); $anotherObjectOfSameClass = new $class(); ``` And I do understand that my use case is border line, and does not deserve too much attention. It's very useful to be able to perform instanceof on objects that dynamically implement an arbritary set of interfaces, though. Ben