Azure DevOps Organization

June 5, 2019 05:15 (Joe Watkins)
Morning all,

Nikita and I have finished setting up Azure Pipelines now: We have a 4
build configuration, which tests PHP in all permutations of Release/Debug
ZTS/NTS Opcache/NoOpcache/JIT.

Because of the way I've set it up, my name is in the url, so this morning I
went to create a PHP organization on devops, and it says the organization
"php" already exists. Does anyone know who is the administrator of that
organization, or even if we really did create it ?

I have a feeling someone might have just used the name, since as far as I
know, we've not used azure for anything before now. If that's the case, and
we can't find out who owns the organization, does anyone object to using
"php-src" as the organization name?