CI with Azure Pipelines

June 3, 2019 20:39 (Joe Watkins)
Evening internals,

PHP-7.4 and master have been setup to run CI on Azure, Azure having much
more resources than Travis, we can run tests in all permutations of
Debug/Release, NTS/ZTS, with and without opcache, and with JIT.

It's possible to setup mac/windows on Azure, although myself and Nikita are
now exhausted by the thought of that, so that's for later ...

We do not plan to drop Travis, as it will return results faster than Azure
because it runs less configurations.

To potential mergers of pull requests, and release managers - try to make
sure the build is green on Azure and Travis before merging a pull or
tagging a release. While Travis will provide fast feedback for failure, we
should wait for success across the board before taking any actions. Success
shouldn't be more than a half hour or so away most of the time, and almost
anything can wait a half hour.

Caveats apply - test failures may be unrelated to pull requests as they are
now. Azure provides a very nice interface for test analytics.

Thanks to Nikita for helping with this all day.