Re: [PHP-DEV] Proposal for a RFC

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May 4, 2019 16:10 (Paul Jones)
> On May 4, 2019, at 11:08, Kalle Sommer Nielsen <> wrote: > > Hi > > Den lør. 4. maj 2019 kl. 17.58 skrev Steven Wade <>: >> >> Hi Internals team! >> >> I have an idea for a feature that I'd love to see in the language one day and wanted to run the idea by you all. >> >> The idea is to add a new magic method "__toArray()" that would allow a developer to specifiy how a class is cast to an array. The idea is the same mentality of __toString(), but, for arrays. > > While this sounds great and all, I do wonder about the implications it > may have on the already existing behavior of type casting an object > into an array which returns current public/protected/private property > values.
I find it easy to imagine that objects not implementing __toArray() would continue to exhibit that behavior. -- Paul M. Jones Modernizing Legacy Applications in PHP Solving the N+1 Problem in PHP