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April 10, 2019 09:27 (Benjamin Morel)
I think that the RFC covers a great deal of possible syntaxes and their

`==>` requires *a lot* of changes to the current parser, and external
tooling as mentioned by Rowan.

It has not even been specified whether the `==>` syntax could land into PHP
7.4, or could require postponing to PHP 8.0.
I do not think that saving these two little chars `fn` justifies the extra
complexity and possible late adoption, if not by PHP, at least by external
Also, extra parser complexity potentially means slower compilation times,
even if it's just during opcache warmup.

@nikic, the RFC does not mention changes to reflection:

- Will arrow functions be accessed through ReflectionFunction as well?
- Will they be distinguishable from regular closures, with a method such as
`isShortClosure()` or `isArrowFunction()`?


On Wed, 10 Apr 2019 at 11:08, Markus Fischer <> wrote:

> Hi, Gabriel, > > On 10.04.19 10:33, Gabriel O wrote: > > Those parentheses are important when having multiple argument > > Please don't top post, thanks! > > Thanks for pointing it out, I'm aware. > > Still `===>` would better stand out to _me_ personally. > > thanks, > - Markus > > -- > PHP Internals - PHP Runtime Development Mailing List > To unsubscribe, visit: > >