[Discussion] Deprecate several ReflectionParameter methods

December 26, 2017 15:57 lisachenko.it@gmail.com (Alexander Lisachenko)
Hi, internals!

I would like to nominate following methods for deprecation in next patch
version of PHP:

   - ReflectionParameter->isArray(),
   - ReflectionParameter->isCallable(),
   - ReflectionParameter->allowsNull(),
   - ReflectionParameter->getClass()

All these methods are covered with ReflectionNamedType API, available for
PHP>=7 via ReflectionParameter->hasType() and

So, next major version will use ReflectionNamedType API for getting
information about type instead of querying small subset of type information
directly from ReflectionParameter API.

What is your opinion about this? Thanks!

Best regards,
Alexander Lisachenko