SplFileObject and streams

September 28, 2017 13:06 nyamsprod@gmail.com (nyamsprod the funky webmaster)
Hi internals,

I've been following the resolution of this bug:


and it seems that there is no safe way to expose the internal
`SplFileObject` filepointer.

So I was wondering if we could not do things differently and instead of
trying to expose the internal file pointer make any `stream_*` function
which accept a resource stream as parameter accept a `SplFileObject`. By
doing so we could resolve a couple of issues I encountered while using this
SPL object without adding any new method to the class we could:

- get informations about the object seekable and open mode status using
- append/prepend stream filters without using the `php://filter/` hack
which has its own limitations.

What do you think ?