Re: [PHP-DEV] Deprecate and remove case-insensitive constants?

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September 12, 2017 14:55 (Levi Morrison)
> By itself this change provides little value. If it was done in > connection with other features such as merging symbol tables then we > can actually gain some significant improvements: > > array_map(sum2, $input1, $input2); > > Currently that requires `sum2` to be a constant. To get the correct > behavior we currently need to do: > > array_map('fully\qualified\namespace\sum2', $input1, $input2);
After rewriting my reply I noticed this sentence doesn't quite make sense:
> This is not just convenience; it provides safety to refactoring and > general code analysis tools.
Instead I meant that using the string is not just inconvenient; it also prevents fully-safe code refactoring and analysis.
> Maintenance is a crucial aspect of large > code bases and being able to move away from stringly-typed things is a > significant improvement. It's also a step towards general autoloading > instead of just class/trait/interface autoloading; however this would > require further changes. > > I believe these improvements would be worth it and do understand it is > a large backwards compatibility break. Given sufficient time and > tooling to prepare I think PHP would be markedly better in the > long-run for these two changes. However, if we change only the case > sensitivity of constants we gain little value for our BC break.