Re: [PHP-DEV] A validator module for PHP7

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September 6, 2017 22:47 (Rowan Collins)
On 6 September 2017 21:33:53 BST, Dan Ackroyd <> wrote:
>On 6 September 2017 at 13:31, Rowan Collins> >wrote: >> I'm going to assume that the code you posted was something of a straw >> man, and you're not actually advocating people copy 20 lines of code >for >> every variable they want to validate. > >You assume wrong. No it's not, and yes I am. > >I can point a junior developer at the function and they can understand >it. > >If I ask that junior developer to add an extra rule that doesn't >currently exist, they can without having to dive into a full library >of validation code.
I can certainly agree that a complex DSL might be more pain than it's worth, but copying around a regex and all its scaffolding is surely worse than a clearly named function like validate_non_negative_int? That's why I asked in my last email if you thought ext/filter should be removed, and perhaps replaced by some more straightforward primitives, or just left as it is. If a broad strategic question like that feels too much like "wasting time on the list designing features" to you, I'm not sure what you would find acceptable discussion. Regards, -- Rowan Collins [IMSoP]