Re: [PHP-DEV] A validator module for PHP7

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September 5, 2017 17:24 ("")
Am 05.09.2017 um 18:57 schrieb Lester Caine:
> But not at the cost of writing different sets of code to play to each > area where checking SHOULD be done. Stick to a single standard method of > defining the metadata and that already exists in the database layer
ok, to make that point clear: not every input which needs to be validated or sanitized is *related to a database at all* and hence input validation can't be done in the database-layer and only there by definition for everything frankly since 3 weeks our core-application is at a level where the database-layer get not loaded at all until inputs are not verfified because database stuff is on-demand and 80% of all requests when there is some traffic within 80% seconds don't load the database layer because of smart caching form-input is validated, checked against CSRF-tokens, captcha and *after* all the validations are fine the database layer becomes part of the game - that alone brought again 43% higher requests/second on a already highly optimizied codebase