Re: [PHP-DEV] GD vs Imagick

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August 16, 2017 12:43 ("S.A.N")
2017-08-15 13:52 GMT+03:00 Rasmus Schultz <>:
> The following GD issue is all-too common: > > > > Basically anyone who's ever accepted uploaded images and resized or > converted them, has bumped into this. > > Only Imagick makes it possible to work around this issue, it's not possible > with GD, at all - and the internal behavior of GD is arguably "wrong", as > the visible output of simply opening and saving a JPEG image with GD is > mangled with washed-out colors. > > I am starting to wonder why GD is the default in PHP? > > It's a pretty outdated library with a clunky API - we have Imagick with a > much more concise API and a ton more useful features. > > Why is the less-capable image library the default on the PHP platform? Why > not Imagick?
Imagick - unsafe, slow and requires many external dependencies. Now there are much better modules: Vips - safe, much faster (7x) requires little dependency. It's better to spend your time on Vips , instead of having an Imagick Thank.